Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs? Here are the Facts

Written By Charlene Laxamana - April 01 2016

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Carla Cook
June 17 2018

I had given my Rottweiler coconut oil for shedding for years. Her shedding had stopped almost completely. I noticed she had started gaining weight (went from 100 to 115) I stopped giving her coconut oil & switched to vit E I had used this in the past with our previous dogs & worked fine or so I thought. When I switched, she started shedding & I started sweeping up a small puppy off the floor daily & it drove me crazy. I am now going back to coconut oil. I know the health benefits are remarkable with coconut oil but it also helps with shedding on our fur babies that do.

Cindy Barbato
September 23 2017

My schnauzer was diagnosed with colitis. ..we have tried everything with no results….hopefully coconut oil will help her…Thank you..

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