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Written By Achilleas Daskalakis - April 10 2016

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November 08 2020

In Chinese car market auto sales era is gone

2011 China’s auto residential demand, the quantity 17,569,000, In 2012 export volume is expected to reach 1 million. "China’s auto market space based on domestic demand and fostering exports, Yuan Yuan believes that your particular "Market space mainly in native demand and import and export, home demand, you’ll discover three main levels, The main domestic car absorption demand, The replacing of old vehicles amount and the potential demand for cars, Such as central and western regions as well as second and third tier cities in the wide ranging demand for cars. scan and export, the opportunity is still more. "

but nevertheless, The domestic car companies R D capability is actually comparatively weak, The domestic automotive electronics manufacturers play the role of auto parts, Mainly in the replacement, Low tech and too on target, inducing the highly competitive profit margins compared to small, "Yuan Yuan identified.

in the huge space of China’s auto market, The Chinese auto companies need to seek a discovery in [url=]hot chinese girls[/url] industrialization. Chinese auto companies should work with their upstream, But also numerous aspects related to design, evaluating, therefore on, Not to stay in the assembly level. in unison keeping up with the pace of the market, Pioneering most of the core technology of industrialization. On the geeky aspects, You desire to make improvements based on imported technology, And further tendency, Thus accrued technical advantages. concur, It should strengthen as to investment, personnel, vegetation, intellectual property.

Yuan Yuan added that the co-operation of the whole industrial chain, The auto companies the legal right to speak, But also need government support to build a platform for cohesiveness, Boosting the cooperation of the industry chain.

The future of the car can not car camera and backup camera develop without the support of monetarily electronics independent automobile brand will have open space. comparable to: Automotive electronics to achieve within the non polluting, Reduce automobiles weight, Noise declination, solar farm cells, the weather control, therefore forth, May see non polluting car, silent cars, solar cars, Unmanned vehicle. The future of the automotive market is bound to will have a role in boosting the roll-out of China’s auto electronics industry has played not to be underestimated.

There are clues that the Chinese car market, bus sales era is gone, The dealer has been unable to rely on one vehicle sales and profit. Automotive market opening is coming.

The latest report of the China Association of Automobile businesses, The first four months for this year, Auto sales growth is still unfavourable, The 17 key enterprises in the first several weeks, Only 4 of total corporate profits raised above the same period last year. End demand slowdown, China’s auto industry to gain weak reason.

the beginning of this year, The luxury car to make progress in price cuts, And no doubt further compression of the vehicle sales and income. as well, With the rise in car ownership, Car market cake also increase. The rise of the automotive after market, Has become unavoidable.

Jeanne Adamson
September 25 2018

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