How to Remove Tear Stains: The Natural Way

Written By Achilleas Daskalakis - April 17 2016

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Carla Cox
December 08 2016

What Jan Lott said distilled water that’s all Candy drinks and wiper her eyes

Jan Lott
November 19 2016

Distilled water has done the trick. That’s all my Bichon drinks now. No more tear stains!

Genoa Woods
November 13 2016

2 Vets told me DO NOT use anything that you can buy over the counter for removing any tear stains on your dogs eyes. He also told me all that stuff you can buy has terrible side effects. And I believe him. I use nothing..get my 2 white Maltese groomed regularly…No problem ?

November 11 2016

Our Maltese gets brown tear stains when she needs her teeth cleaned. As long as I brush her teeth daily and have her teeth cleaned every 2 years we keep the stains at bay. The vet said the deterioration of her oral health is what is causing the staining. For our dog, she’s right.

Susan Carney
November 06 2016

I have been using Angel Eyes beef flavored tabs with the best results. I chop it up and mix with 1/2 tsp of butter. Problem solved, had to wait for the brown stain to grow out, but after that clear and clean.

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