Maltese Tear Stains - Treatment & Prevention

Written By Petpost Staff - February 01 2016

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Susan Brock
April 18 2018

When taken daily, my MaltiPoo’s red tears which cause the staining go away, but as soon as I stop the daily treatment, the red tears are back. Is it safe to give the Tear Stain Soft Chews beyond the initial 30-day treatment?

Carlos Saavedra
March 28 2018

We have tried everything possible and available in the market. Wife spend about 1 hour daily cleaning and grooming the poor thing for the last 8 months and nothing have change. We got so desperate that at one point we were considering dying the hole thing to a rusty colour (he he he joking) Let me know if you know something new on the market. TY Carlos

Robin Farmer
January 13 2018

Your dogs diet to eight all meat diet to help prevent tear staining. I have a four-month-old multi-Poo and she stains pretty bad I’ve tried peroxide water rinse on the staining and it is not working. Can you give me your opinion and recommend I don’t food to try that is an all meat food please thank you.

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