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As a company, we’re just a puppy. But since our start in 2015, we've worked with a large network of the best veterinarians, groomers and dog owners who have taught us about the world, and helped us to create a premium line of natural products aligned by a single mission.

Our mission is to bring cleaner, healthier and happier lives to all dogs and their humans.

Yes, you read that right - we care about you. Our commitment to the highest-quality natural dog health and grooming products, along with our small team of friendly customer representatives is what makes us... well, it's what makes us, us.

By choosing Petpost, you are joining a community of people obsessed with making dogs happy, as well as ensuring a safe, natural, and happy life for your own dog.

We believe in the power of products that are made right here in the USA, are Eco-friendly, and are manufactured in a GMP and FDA Certified facility. Most of all, we believe that it has taken far too long for a company that truly cares about dogs to deliver affordable grooming and health care straight to your doorstep.

When you purchase from Petpost you are not just supporting our goals for a better world for dogs, but you can also rest easy knowing that you are using the greatest stuff on earth.

Welcome to our pack.

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Here's what people are saying about us...

The transaction was so easy, any dog could do it! Their products are all affordable, natural, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE! I tried Angel Eyes Tear Stain Remover and it just didn't work, but it also made me nervous to be using chemicals on my fluffy friend! Petpost came to the rescue and delivered a higher quality product, better customer service, at a fraction of the cost. Highly Recommended!

- Clark J.

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My shitzu is quite elderly and suffers from frequent recurring ear infections. I have found that using this ear wash initially daily and then every other day has cleared up her current infection and to date has kept her from getting another. Normally she doesn't like anyone touching her ears and is quite afraid of the vet or the groomer touching her ears. However she doesn't mind me squirting this in her ears and actually seems to enjoy her ears being rubbed while this is in them and she doesn't mind having her ears wiped out after. So two thumbs up to this natural ear cleaner!

- Linda S.

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As any spoiled basset owner knows, wrestling one of these stubborn beasts can be quite the challenge. But my Basset Hounds love it. They actually come running when the bottle comes out!

- Samantha V.

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