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Here's what customers are saying:


I saw results after a week using this product. So glad I found it.

Lagg S.
Los Angeles, CA

These work very well. My puppy likes their scent and doesn't mind me cleaning under her eyes at all.

Cynthia L.
Orlando, FL

Great product! Super easy to use. They remove all the dirt and other unwanted stuff from my pups ears. They smell nice and get the job done. Definitely recommend!

Lisa M.
San Francisco, CA

Let me just say.....THANK YOU Petpost! These wipes have changed our lives!! There's no more fighting, running and hiding, nipping, or snarling when it comes to wrinkle cleaning. 

Deianne O.
Florahome, FL

 I highly recommend this ear cleaner if you're looking for a safer alternative without sacrificing effectiveness

Shewa O.
Omaha, NE