Coconut Oil for Dogs - The Expert's Guide

Written By Petpost Staff - January 02 2016

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November 11 2020

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

January 21 2017

Great article. Can coconut oil cause issues for older dogs? I have two 11 year old dogs who I would like to try on Coconut Oil.

November 20 2016

I use coconut oil on my skin. My Yorkie loves to lick it off. His coat is so shiny, he’s smart, he’s almost 8 and the vet says he’s just like a puppy. Me and Chuckie looove the coconut oil!

Clara Stephens
July 14 2016

Where can I buy this coconut oil for dogs

January 21 2016

Hey Dotty, Yes, you certainly can give fresh coconut to your dog orally or topically, and it WOULD help with your pup’s coat. Think about what coconut oil is – it is just the oil extracted from the coconut. But all of those nutrients like lauric acid can still be absorbed from the fresh coconut.

The one thing that you would have to be careful about is the dosage. You will want to be sure that your dog isn’t accidentally eating too much of the stuff or else it might upset his stomach. You’ll be able to tell pretty easily if that happens, trust me.

If you are looking to treat your dog’s skin and coat topically, the fresh coconuts are totally fine, you would have nothing to worry about. Remember to cover up your fur baby after applying to let the coconut oil ‘set’ and prevent your dog from licking it all off.

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